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If your piano is feeling a bit worse for wear, be it due to age or lots of use, rest in the knowledge that there may be life in it yet! 

Set in the countryside, looking out over fields of horses, my fully equipped workshop is the perfect space to bring tired pianos back to life!

My tailor-made benches are the perfect height and width for working on both grand, and upright piano actions. They are set up with specialist equipment and tools, perfect for every aspect of piano repairs.


Old grubby keys can be cleaned and buffed to a high sheen. Likewise, metalwork, such as pedals and book stays, can be buffed to a beautiful high finish. This can breathe new life into the aesthetic of your piano. If you wish to go one step further and have the casework renovated, I can recommend a number of furniture restorers. Please ask for more details.

Please take a look at my gallery for more photos of my work.

To decide on your piano’s needs, I will be happy to come and assess the piano, offering a fully itemised no-obligation quote. To find out more, please contact me via the link below.

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